About the library 1

General information

Estonian University of Life Sciences Library is a research and public library that ensures the availability of study and scientific literature in the fields related to the bioeconomy, sustainable use of natural resources and the development of rural life and rural economy.

The library was established in 1952.


Library in numbers on 1 January in 2019:

collection 234 185 items
books 189 977 volumes
journals 12 839 sets of the year
newspapers 276  sets of the year
readers 6 319
visits per year 30 402
borrowings per year 23 938
databases visits per year 232 457
EMU DSpace visits per year 168 734
users workplaces 54
area 1057 m²
workers 15

We are located at 1A Kreutzwaldi St building from April 2007.
The library serves all individuals, companies, institutions and organizations.
The library is part of Estonian Libraries Network Consortium (ELNET Consortium).