Library resources 3

Remote access

Access to the databases is provided through the network of Estonian University of Life Sciences and users will be recognized automatically.

Outside the campus area, it is possible to use the secure proxy server, which provides remote access to the university network. To set up the connection with proxy see instructions. Using proxy imply owning university user account and Google Chrome browser.

For employees of EULS, it is recommended to use OpenVPN instead of the proxy.
Instructions can be found:
Instructions are reachable in EULS network, outside the campus you have to log in with your EULS domain and password. Support is provided by

Password-based access

Access is provided without EULS network with passwords:

  • EBSCO databases
  • Forest Science e-journal
  • Reproduction e-journal

Need EULS network and passwords:

  • Biocycle e-journal
  • Estonian Centre of Standardisation
  • Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association, American Journal of Veterinary Research
  • Timber Trades Journal (TTJ)

Personal account registration possibility:

  • Cambridge University Press
  • ScienceDirect database