Research 6

Application for DOI

DOI (Digital Object Identifier) is the persistent link to the digital object.

International DOI Foundation (IDF), a not-for-profit membership organization that is providing Digital Object Identifier (DOI) services and registration.

Estonian University of Life Sciences as the member of DataCite Eesti holds a license to assign DOIs to selected scholarly research outputs deposited into the digital archive EMU DSpace. All DOIs assigned by the Estonian University of Life Sciences need to be registered and be compliant with the requirements of the DataCite organisation.

Types of Research Outputs that can get a DOI
Estonian University of Life Sciences will assign DOIs with the EMU prefix (EMU) to research outputs or to metadata-only records submitted to the repository EMU DSpace. Any modifications to the research output will result in a new version of the record with a new DOI.

Take down policy
Content held in the repository is intended for long-term preservation. In some case, items may be withdrawn. Reasons for withdrawal might include proven copyright violation or plagiarism, national security, falsified research, etc. Withdrawn items will retain the DOI, and the withdrawal notice will be indicated on the landing page of the research record in the repository EMU DSpace, but the research output itself will not be accessible. 

Kersti Laupa, Director of Library Development