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Units books

Books of the Estonian University of Life Sciences also includes publications belonging to the structural units of the university.


Books purchased to structural units must be cataloged to the online catalogue ESTER.

For this purpose:

  •    direct in WebDesktop routing invoice "teadmiseks/note to" library´s contact person (Merle Keedus)
  •    bring the book(s) to the EMU library main loan desk or to the IAES Library at Kreutzwaldi 5-D178
  •    state the location of the item(s) (name of the structural unit and name of the contact person), and the return method ( by internal post or by person)


Book will be provided with the stamp "E-KATALOOG ESTER".
Structural unit is responsible for the preservation and accessibility of the book.


Library contact person
Merle Keedus, Cataloguer
phone 731 3141