Studies 3

About plagiarism

Plagiarism means the copying of another person's work or ideas and using them as if it were one's own without citing a quotation or stating a source. In order to control the originality of students' works, Estonian University of Life Sciences has two plagiarism detection programs in use.

URKUND in plagiarism system that EULS has purchased the license of usage. It is important to understand that URKUND does not specify whether the text is plagiarised or not. URKUND can be used by all academic workers of the university. Students can´t use the system independently, uploading documents is possible in cooperation with lecturer etc.


URKUND allows:

  • to compare with materials available on the internet in Estonian and English
  • to compare with materials inside URKUND archive (previously uploaded documents)
  • to compare with documents inside other Estonian universities digital archives
  • to use URKUND Moodle plugin
  • to analyze prepared similarity report documents

See more from URKUNDs webpage: