Library resources 7

Finding information

ONLINE CATALOGUE ESTER is the shared catalogue of the largest libraries of Estonian. The catalogue also contains records of items stored in university colleges and special libraries. User Guide of the online catalogue ESTER.

DSpace, the digital archive EMU DSpace collects, maintains and provides access to the research outputs created by members of the Estonian University of Life Sciences or related to the responsibilities of the Estonian University of Life Sciences subject areas to support the competitiveness of the university and the development of a knowledge-based society.

The Estonian Subject Thesaurus is a universal controlled vocabulary in Estonian for indexing and searching various library material. The database of EMS enables to search terms by English equivalent.

The National Library of Estonia’s digital archive DIGAR stores online publications, print files and digitized copies of publications. DIGAR contains books, newspapers, journals and magazines, maps, sheet music, photos and postcards. Archived publications can be searched via the e-catalogue ESTER and bibliographic databases created by the National Library of Estonia.

ETERA is the digital library of TU Academic  Library. It contains study materials in the course lists, different books, magazines, newspapers, postcards, photos, maps, posters and theses defended in Tallinn University.

Estonian e-varamu is a portal and common search environment for digitalized resources of Estonian libraries, museums and archives. E-varamu enables the association of spiritual assets in Estonia with Europeana.

The database of Estonian articles, Index Scriptorium Estoniae (ISE), at, contains articles from Estonian newspapers at 1900-2013, Estonian journals, serial publications and anthologies at 1990-2016. Starting from 1.01.2017 the database is updated selectively. Please search the articles also in portal DIGAR Eesti artiklid