Sending a disseration

Before uploading the dissertation to the library system be aware of instructions for sending.

  • All files that are part of the dissertation (full text, appendices, technical drawings etc) must be sent as DiciDoc container signed digitally by author(s) and supervisor(s). If you or your supervisor do not have Estonian ID-card and sertificates for signing, then it is allowed to upload dissertation as PDF fail.
  • The full text of the dissertation must be in Portable Document Format (PDF) and text should not be secured (text must be copyable).

NB! Uploading your dissertation to the digital archive EMU DSpace​ by librarians takes a little bit time so please be patient...

Presumable defence date*
Title in Estonian*
Title in English*
Full text file (DigiDoc container)*
DOCTORAL STUDENTS ONLY: summaries of the disseratation (in Estonian and English)
Topic of thesis is related to EMÜ Green university iniciative’s aim to support the sustainable development*0.00

If you have any questions or problems contact:
Karimen Kalk, Information Services Specialist​
phone  731 3064;

mob +372 522 5046