About the library 6


1951 The Estonian Agricultural Academy was established on the basis of the Faculties of Agriculture, Forestry and Veterinary Medicine of the Tartu State University. The library of Estonian Agricultural Academy was established in December 1951. The university handed over 24,919 volumes of books and magazines and abstracts of doctoral dissertations, which were defended in Germany in the field of agriculture from 1918 to 1941. First head of the library was Aino Mattisen (until 1964). The library was located in the center of Tartu, Ülikooli Street 14.


1954 The library moved to the main building of Estonian Agricultural Academy, Riia Street 12.


1955 Students' graduation theses and lecturers' research papers began to be preserved and cataloged in the library. Series and periodicals began to be cataloged. The creation of the archive fund began.


1959 First bibliographic services were introduced.


1960 Catalog cards began to be printed on a typewriter.


1961 Library trainings for students were started.


1962 Cataloging and bibliography departments were established.



From April 2007 we are at 1A Kreutzwaldi St building.


Since 1999, the Library of the Estonian University of Life Sciences is also the storage library of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).

With the support of HANSAPANK library has been able to buy encyclopedias, dictionaries and handbooks between 2003-2006. We also got educational literature in 2007 with help of Hansapank.


The Mellon Foundation supported the library in buying 3-year (2005-2007) user license to get access to JSTOR Biological Science collection. The Mellon Foundation financed in full one-time deposit (Archive Capital Fee)
and also half of the every-year access fee (Annual Access Fee).