Library rules

                                                                                          KINNITATUD Eesti Maaülikooli
                                                                            rektori 31.10.2016 käskkirjaga nr 1-8/30

Estonian University of Life Sciences Library rules
Estonian University of Life Sciences Library rules regulate the granting of user privileges and the rights and responsibilities of library users.
1. General
1.1.  Estonian University of Life Sciences Library (hereinafter: Library) is the University`s library, the research library in the field of bio-economy, and the public domain library.
1.2.  In order to secure the Library`s assets, a video surveillance system and an electronic protection system for library materials have been implemented.

2. User registration
2.1.  In order to register as a user, a valid personal identification document with a photograph is required. A registration card, which requires that the Library`s rules of procedure will be followed, has to be filled out and signed by the user.
2.2.  During the user registration, the following data has to be provided:
2.2.1.  surname
2.2.2.  given name(s)
2.2.3.  personal identification number or date of birth
2.2.4.  school, institute/faculty
2.2.5.  employer/occupation
2.2.6.  phone
2.2.7.  e-mail address
2.3.   Based on the submitted data, an Estonian ID card, a residence card, or a user card is established as the library card.
2.4.  The library card is issued for the exclusive use of the holder and passing it to another person is prohibited.
2.5.  The library card is valid for one year. For renewing the library card, the user´s data has to be verified.
2.6.  The user is obligated to notify the Library of any changes in their personal data or to update their personal data via personal user account MY ESTER in the online catalogue.

3.  Use of library users personal data
3.1.  The user's database is for internal library use. Access to database is restricted to the library employees providing services, who are obligated to preserve the confidentiality of the user's personal data. Access to personal data shall be granted to other people only in cases provided by legislation.
3.2.  Personal data in the users' database shall be used to identify users and provide library services, including sending reminders and other notices and conducting statistical analyses where the data is not related to the person.
3.3.  The users' data is protected in the electronic library system with a personal password.
3.4.  The data is preserved in the user's database and registration card index. A digitally signed registration card is preserved in the Estonian University of Life Sciences Document Management System Webdesktop archive. The data is stored up to five years after the expiry of the reader card. After the aforementioned period user data will be deleted from the database and the registration card will be removed from the registration card index or deleted from the archive. The data of the user with fines or overdue items will not be deleted.

4. Borrowing
4.1.  Library materials are borrowed only on the basis of a valid library card.
4.2.  The user may have up to 25 items of library materials at a time.
4.3.  Library materials located on open shelves may be used in the reading rooms without the assistance of a librarian.
4.4.  In order to borrow library materials from the stacks and service desks, the user must submit a call slip.
4.5.  Users can pre-order or place a hold on items that are currently checked out through the online catalogue ESTER, using the Request link.
4.6.  Borrowed library materials may not be damaged. During borrowing, it is recommended that the condition of the library materials should be examined and a librarian notified of any missing pages, additions, or other defects. If any defects are discovered upon return, responsibility shall be borne by the user.
4.7.  The user undertakes to return borrowed library materials by the due date or to apply for a renewal.
4.8.  Items by due date 3 months and 1 month are renewable 4 times, items by due date 1 week and 1 day are not renewable.
4.9.  Fine for the delay for not returning a book which has a queue will not be deleted.
4.10.  Overdue library materials will be subjects to a fine based on the established procedure.
4.10.1.  3 months/fines 0.05€ per day
4.10.2.  1 month/fines 0.05€ per day
4.10.3.  1 week/fines 0.35€ per day
4.10.4.  1 day (24 h)/fines 0.35€ per hour
4.11.  Users with fines or overdue items will not be served.
4.12.  Reference books, research papers, publications which are published before 1950, all copies of archives, newspapers, last numbers of magazines, and copies of the mostly required latest publications (red mark) are not lendable to home.
4.13.  Lost or damaged library materials (cover price + 3€ processing fee) must be compensated to the library. Compensation for the lost item does not relieve the payment of the fine for the delay.
4.14.  As a special exception, only teaching staff may borrow books required for teaching for the entire semester.

5.  Services
5.1.  Library services include:
5.1.1.  lending of library materials for use at home and in the library
5.1.2.  reference and information service
5.1.3.  user training, counseling, and consultations
5.1.4.  lending library materials via ILL (interlibrary loans) to Estonian and foreign libraries, lending library materials, and ordering copies for users from Estonian and foreign libraries
5.1.5.  granting access to electronic resources in accordance with agreements and license agreements
5.1.6.  making copies, scanning, and printing
5.2.  In the library, it is possible to use computer workstations in order to conduct an information search, access electronic sources of information, and to process documents. It is possible to use local area wireless network WiFi (Wireless Fidelity), individual study rooms, and group study room.
5.3.  Library materials can be borrowed free of charge, other services may be fee-based. Prices for fee-based services are established by a directive of the rector of EUSL.
5.4  The library ensures services for users with special needs.

6.  Internal Rules
6.1.  Services are provided in the library on the basis of a valid library card.
6.2.  A user is prohibited from violating the public order in any way, including misconduct against generally recognized standards and good moral, and from insulting human dignity with their behavior.
6.3.  Order and silence shall be preserved in the rooms of the library, you may not disturb other users with your behavior.
6.4.  Eating is prohibited in the library. Loud talking on mobile phones is also prohibited.
6.5.  Users who are intoxicated or under the influence of narcotics or wearing visibly dirty clothing will not be allowed in the library.
6.6.  In case of security gate alarm sounds, the user must submit to the orders of library personnel. An employee has the right to inspect the user’s belongings.
6.7.  In case of a danger alarm, users have to leave the building following the instructions of library staff and the escape plans.
6.8.  The library shall not be liable for objects left unattended in the library rooms.

7.  Users Responsibility
7.1  In the case of violation of the library rules and procedures, the user shall lose the right to use the library, either temporarily or permanently. The term shall be designated by the head of the library, taking into consideration the degree of the breach of order and other related circumstances.
7.2.  The user bears material liability for library materials, devices, or other assets in his or her use. The library shall be compensated for any damage caused. Damages caused by an individual under the age of 16 shall be compensated by their parent.