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Spell of Mittens - Graphic exhibition by Kalli Kalde

Kalli Kalde. Inspiration V. 2016

Kalli Kalde: I am an Estonian graphic artist and painter. I work in Tartu Art School as a teacher of drawing and graphic technique.

Last twenty five years I have lived in the countryside, in an old farmhouse in the forest by a little lake, in the South of Estonia. I have found inspiration from Estonian folklore and folk art, tales of werewolves and mitten patterns. Women in my works have hid themselves in animals: fox woman, jackal woman, lynx woman. I like to combine modern technical schematics and traditional mitten patterns in my work.

I like the idea that an electronics engineer could find inspiration for his work in his grandmother's old mitten. In both ethnographic patterns and electronic circuits there is a hidden message, meaning, system, which does not open itself to the unattached viewer.

More information https://kalli.kalde.eu/


The exhibition is open until March 18th at the Estonian University of Life Sciences Library.


You are very welcome!