Rasmus Kull’s photographic retrospective of Vanemuine’s opera life in 2016-2021

Photo: Li Seppet

The performance begins when the actor enters the theater door and continues until the front door closes behind him. There is a lot in between all of this. A lot. Whole worlds.


The audience usually sees photos taken by professional photographers of the theater work at the end of the rehearsal process with full make-up and costumes, which the theater can share on its website, social or print media.

I try to photograph my colleagues between the side curtains of the stage, in the rehearsal rooms, in the waiting room of the performance, in the cafe.


Above all, this exhibition is a love letter to my colleagues who welcomed me into their ranks years ago.


Rasmus Kull (1984) has been an opera and operetta soloist at the Vanemuine Theater since 2013. He got his first camera in 2016 and since then has been documenting theater life both on stage and behind the stage.


More photos can be seen on Rasmus Kull's website rasmuskull.com.


You are welcome to visit the exhibition in the library until March 17.