Trial: Online resource Skills for Study

From January 23 to February 23, Skills for Study are available at the Estonian University of Life Sciences network.


Skills for Study is an online resource to develop the study skills that students need to perform well in their academic studies and beyond.


Skills for Study comprises 12 modules, the topics of which allow students to build their skills from writing, critical thinking, and time management, to research principles (including plagiarism), personal development, and employability. Each module offers versatile interactive activities, exercises, videos, blog posts, and articles. Students can work at their own pace and tests on the online resource allowing them to check their skills and knowledge before and after completing the module.


NB! Suppose the student wants to monitor their learning process (save their own progress, carry out tests, bookmark pages or create journal notes). In that case, it is possible to create an account using the email address of the Estonian University of Life Sciences. Registering an account also allows students to use the Skills for Study outside the EMU computer network.


The introduction video of Skills for Study is here: