A campaign to collect scientific presentations  "Share your presentation!"

Dear researcher and doctoral student!

The EMU library joined the campaign to collect scientific presentations “Share your presentation”, so that as many presentations as possible by researchers and doctoral students of the Estonian University of Life Sciences would reach the EMU DSpace digital archive.

This is a campaign for collecting and preserving newer academic heritage initiated by the University of Tartu Library.

If you have presentation files left on a USB stick or computer hard drive after the conference, we would be grateful if you could send them using the following form.

As an integral part of today's scientific communication, presentation is undoubtedly an academic heritage worth preserving. By storing them in the digital archive EMU DSpace, we can be sure that researchers, students, and all other interested parties will have access to the presentations in the future.

It is very easy for the author to transfer the presentation file to the digital archive: just fill out a short form with data and upload the presentation here. We protect the presentations with a CC license (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0), and to simplify citation, the author can also request a DOI for the presentation.

We hope that this initiative will become a good practice and after the conferences the presentations will continue to reach the digital archive EMU DSpace.


Feel free to contact us if you have any questions!