A compendium of references "From the EMU scientists to society 2022"

To popularize the research results of the Estonian University of Life Sciences, it is important to create user-friendly access to research-based information and refer to the research works carried out in the areas of responsibility of our university.


To contribute to the guidance of societal development processes, we have compiled an overview of the contributions made by researchers from the University of Life Sciences to serving Estonian society in 2022 in this collection. In total, research articles published in peer-reviewed journals important to Estonian culture, research articles/presentations published in local conference proceedings, as well as other publications popularizing science have been collected.


The data is formatted as a compendium of references andstructured based on the subdivisions of the publication classification used in the Estonian Science Information System (ETIS) (Directive No. 640 of the Minister of Education and Research of 28 July 2006, updated in 2017).


The compendium of references is user-friendly due to its compliance with the requirements of the APA citation system. Whenever possible, the references are accompanied with a permanent link.


The compendium of references From the EMU scientists to society 2022 is available as an online publication in the digital archive EMU DSpace.