Instructions for sending a review to the digital archive EMU DSpace

1. Specialists of Academic Affairs from the institutes, assemble the reviews of the graduation theses in their area of responsibility and deliver them to the library

2. Each delivered review must be in DigiDoc file format, in a separate container and digitally signed by the reviewer. In the absence of digital signing possibility, it is exceptionally allowed to forward manually signed review as a PDF file

3. File name must contain given- and surname of the author of graduation theses and the word “review”. For example: John_Smith_review

4. There are some options to deliver the reviews. For example: 

  • Via the mail of EMÜ as compressed fail (.zip) to the library’s contact person
  • Via the EMÜ file sharing program by sharing the link with the library’s contact person

5. Reviews of positively evaluated graduation theses must be forwarded to the library at the latest before the end of the academic year (August 31)

6. The library archives received reviews in the Digital Archive EMU DSpace. Archived reviews are non-disclosable

7. Disclosure of reviews is regulated by the Department of Academic Affairs

8. Archiving the reviews is in the responsibility of the library's contact person Karmen Kalk (; mob: 5225046)