Instructions for sending a disseration

Dear Graduate!

1. Send your dissertation to the library by the deadline set by either the Director of Studies or the Director of the College

[Requirements and Procedure for the Awarding of Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree. Adopted by the Senate of Estonian University of Life Sciences Regulation No. 1-28/4, 27.02.2020 (entry into force 01.03.2020)]
2. Fill in a dissertation sending the application
3. Upload fails of your dissertations as DigiDoc container. The requirement does not apply to sending a doctoral thesis.

  • All files that are part of the dissertation (full text, appendices, technical drawings, etc) must be sent as a DiciDoc container signed digitally by author(s) and supervisor(s). If you or your supervisor do not have an Estonian ID card and certificates for signing, then it is allowed to upload the dissertation as a PDF fail.
  • The full text of the dissertation (in the container) must be in Portable Document Format (PDF) and the text should not be secured (text must be copyable).
  • File names in the container must include information about the author of the theses, year of graduation, degree (BA, MA, DO, RAK), study program (LS, AR, MH, EG, etc.), and an explanation of the fail contents (full text or extra).

                             For example:
4. Is the topic of your thesis related to the EMÜ Green university initiative's aim to support the sustainable development? If so, then choose the field of the research from the drop-down menu. If it is not, then choose "Is not related" and if you are not sure, then choose "Do not know".


Uploading your dissertation to the EULS Library digital repository DSpace by librarians takes a little bit of time so please be patient...
If the library has finished uploading your theses to the Dspace, it is possible to read-only the abstract of the dissertation. The full text will become available for the public three months after the defense date.


NB! If the uploading process is successful then confirming information sign will appear.


If you have any questions or problems contact:
Karmen Kalk, Information Services Specialist​
phone  731 3064

mob  +372  522 5046