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Online surveys software

Estonian University of Life Sciences employees and students have free opportunity to use online surveys software QuestionPro until November 2020. Students and faculties can create the QuestionPro account themselves using university email address ( or and use the link to enter to the environment.


Sponsorship offers:
  • Unlimited number of  users, surveys, responses, questions
  • More than 50 advance Question types including Van Western drop, Price Sensitivity, Conjoint, Max Diff, Matrix, Image and Video, Open ended & Drop down
  • Advanced data analytics suite with real-time reporting, Includes Conjoint Analysis, Max Diff, Turf, Co-relation, Survey Comparison, Banner tables, Heat Maps, Word Cloud, Predictive text analysis
  •  Export of data to Word/Excel/PowerPoint/SPSS
  • Custom Dashboard for University user
  • 24*7 Technical Support for every Student, Professor or Administrative staff associated with the University
  • Online training sessions for Students, Faculties and Staff